Mobile Application Project Manager

Successful rewards
Successful reward: RM 1,440 - RM 1,680

Mobile Application Project Manager Job Description

  • Industry:
    IT(Mobile Application/Web)

  • Position:
    Mobile Application Project Manager

  • Monthly Salary:
    RM6,000 – RM7,000 (Depends on experience/Skill)

  • Allowance:
    • EPF /
    • SOCSO /
    • Commuting /
    • Medical

  • Bonus:
    Once a year

  • Working hours:
    9:00 am-06:00 pm

  • Holiday:
    Sat,Sun and Public Holiday (Following Malaysian calendar)

  • Job Location:
    KL Sentral

  • Type of employment:

Mobile Application Project Manager Job Responsibilities

  • The mobile project manager will discuss and report to group director

  • The following are the responsibilities of the mobile application project manager is:
    • to plan Apps basic UI/UX
    • Create wireframe and mockup
    • Develop business idea and manage

Mobile Application Project Manager Job Requirements

  • The position is open to Malaysian citizen only.

  • The mobile application project manager must be Fluent in speaking and writing in English.

  • Age limit 25-30 years old

  • Working experience to communicate developer to launch apps/web
  • Must have keen interest in the Halal Business.

About Company

  • We start new business focusing F&B Jobs in Japan Market and recruiting this manager position as start up member.

  • F&B Recruitment in Japan has much potential and lead trend from Malaysia.

  • Asiana Tech Sdn. Bhd. is a Japanese-Malaysian company focusing on the development of mobile apps for Muslims.

  • We have acquired MSC status a year after launching our first product, "Halal Navi".

  • Currently we have 2 mobile apps being actively developed Halal Navi ( and Quouze(

  • Only 2 minutes walking from KL Sentral Monorail Station, our office can be easily accessible by commuters.

Why work with us?

  • High Return and exciting startup scene
  • New Experience and flexible environment

Important: Please read and understand the job requirement and job responsibilities before applying:

Only Malaysian citizen  Below age 25 - 30 years old who has  working experience to communicate developer to launch apps/web who speak, English fluently  will be shortlisted for an interview.


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