Floor staff

Successful rewards
Successful reward: RM 600 - RM 640

Floor staff Job Description

  • Industry:Food & Beverageļ¼ˆJapanese Sushi restaurant)
  • Position:Floor staff
  • Probation:3 months
  • Monthly Salary: RM2,500-RM3,000(Based on experiences)
  • Location:Bukit Bintang Jalan Tengah 50450
  • Working hours:10:00 - 23:00(8 hours based on shift)
  • Operation hours:Lunch time:12:00-15:00/Dinner time:18:00-23:00
  • Holiday:Once per week, PH(replaced)
  • A few long holidays per a year
  • Type of employment:Full time
  • Annual Leave:will be discuss during an interview
  • Company Benefits: EPF / SOCSO / Medical / Transportation

Floor staff Job Responsibilities

  • Cooperate with managers.
  • Provide high-quality services and maintain good relationship with customer.

Floor staff Job Requirements

  • Only female
  • Enable to work non- halal restaurant(No pork but alcohol)
  • Interested in Food & Beverage industry and for learn Japanese Cuisine skills(Sushi).
  • Having similar working experience in Japanese Restaurant or any restaurant more than 2 years.

About company

  • The "sushi sunny place" which selects a seasonal fish carefully by an craftsman's judge and inherts a sushi chef's tradition.
  • It adheres to homemade, it hangs for about ten days, such as soaking in the dark leading role's sushi also finishes thoroughly.
  • It is our shop not to spare time and effort for the visitor who visits from the thought"real sushi should be tasted.
  • Mirin and soy sauce also never allow tools, such as a kitchen knife, compromise using local and the product from Aichi.
  • It is one house to use for a special memorial day or an important luncheon party very much.

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